Monday, January 5, 2009

History Is Still Here

People ask me why I'm so interested in history and why I'm not more focused on what is happening around me. Valid criticism I guess except that history is not what has passed, it is in fact the present, it is part of our current reality. You find that hard to believe? All you have to do is to look up at the night sky - all the familiar sights of the night sky, stars by which we navigate, stars which provide us a sense of awe and a connection to God are all things as they were thousands even millions of years ago. Its just that they are so far away we are seeing them now. So is our current sky the present or in fact a snapshot of the past?

Even our future is based on the past. We use constellations to make our astrological predictions of the future. An astrologer will look at the position of Leo, or Virgo etc and tell you what that means for your future, but for all we know those constellations don't even exist anymore, or perhaps not in the same form as we are seeing them now. Our most familiar sights are not reality just preceptions.

We are witnessing the history of the universe in our present. Our preceptions, our religious beliefs, our taboos, our values all come from the past so yes I guess I am more interested in history, but only because I want to really understand my present!